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A Rainbow of Flowers & Creativity for May

A Rainbow of Flowers & Creativity for May

Our last Mandala & Creativity Circle was in April, but what came out of that night sings into May and its beauty. Flowers and the greening of earth were the central theme. This energy pierced our hearts. We felt Mother Earth bursting into spring beauty.  A rainbow of creativity came into being.


Pink Dogwood Blooming in my back gardens

Red & Orange

The energy of red and orange brings warmth and power.  Linda M. create a bright red/orange flower mandala to awaken the senses. Swirls of energy, the colors of earth’s greening and the sky surround the petals.

Linda M.’s Red/Orange Flower Mandala


Red & Orange tulips in a nearby Park


The brightness of yellow that brings sunshine to earth is shown in Ann’s flower with alternating iridescent petals. Many flowers are mandala shaped with an imagined circle around the petal tips.

Ann B’s – First Flower Mandala

The yellow of butterweed sings brightly in my garden. Butterweed is a native plant that often appears without being planted by gardeners. Instead the wind and perhaps the fairies spread it around. Now it is blooming, scattered throughout my gardens, along paths and even in the lawn.

Butterweed – Packera Glabella

Green & Blue

The colors of the sky, sea and heart chakra are seen in Ann B.’s swirls of springtime energy. Chartreuse is springtime’s green. Green is the balance of warm and cool colors – yellow and blue.

Ann B’s Swirls of Springtime Energy


Blue is the color of the sky and waters. Blue carries the wind and flows as rivers, streams and oceans. This mandala is meant to show the swirls of energy that enliven seeds bringing about germination and growth. The blue of water moistens and opens the seeds and the sky calls plants to reach toward her.


Seeds, Water and Sky Mandala – by me Linda WK

It is as if bits of heaven have fallen from the sky into these blue forget-me-not flowers of Brunnera, sometimes called Siberian Bugloss.

Siberian Bugloss -Brunnera Macrophylla


Purple is the color or the crown chakra. It is the color or royalty and spirituality. Ann B.’s landscape shows stars in a purple sky with a golden glow above the field of purple. The green growth gives rise to the purple that reaches for the sky.

Ann B’s – Landscape of Purple Sky and Flowers Reaching for the Stars.


These purple & red fantasy flowers appear brighter when surrounded by the muted purple background. I’m inspired by the colors and details of real flowers.

My Fantasy Flowers – Purple & Red


Amazing flower with black and green dots


Honey bee on purple chive flower, maybe from my nearby hive

All the Colors

Linda M’s Flower Mandala is centered above the flow of blue waters, surrounded by the gold swirls of sky. It brings all the colors together in a harmonious whole.


Linda M’s Flower Mandala in the Landscape

Rainbow Words – Heartbeat of Mother Earth

Linda M. created a Nested Meditation about what was in her heart during our circle. It’s a beautiful connection of her heart to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. She wrote this Nested Meditation poem form where the first line is repeated and another added, until enough lines complete the poem. Each poem is a journey with twists and turns as the lines are joined.


I became familiar with this type of poem from Spirituality & Health Magazine. Kevin Anderson writes an article in each issue. A Nested Meditation is part of each article. Anderson has written several books of his poems he calls Nested Meditations. I have his book titled Divinity in Disguise, Nested Meditations to Delight the Mind and Awaken the Soul.

Enjoy & Create

Enjoy May Flowers & Greening of Earth











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