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A Practice of Mandalas

This poem was shared by two dear friends. It was written by E Klingner, a friend of those who gave me this poem.

To me it says so much.  The words ” until routine becomes ceremony” and “disregard detours – a trip around the world when you prefer instead full moons rising in your backyard”, hit me in the heart and to the bone. I have  this poem in a place where I will see it often, to listen to its reminders of how I want my life to be.

To journal and create mandalas often, and even everyday is possible. I want that to be my practice. Something I do, not to practice as in practicing the piano to get better, but to know that it isn’t about getting better, but getting closer to my core.


A birthday gift from my friends who shared the poem, were two handmade books that they created with this poet and artist E Klingner in her workshop in Santa Fe.  Beautiful inspiring  homes for my mandala journaling.



The book above was created by Bonnie.


This one is from Lydia.

I have taken steps to enter into these mandala circles.  Not everyday, but when it works for me.  Right now I feel the need to draw inspiration from actual physical objects, so these mandala journal pages are inspired by things in the room where I meditate and often do art.




Another way I deepen my practice is to be inspired by other creative souls.  The 100 Days for Mandalas that took place from June 1st to September 8th was one of the most profound sharings of creativity and mandalas that I ever knew.

There will be another 100 Days for Mandalas starting January 14th, with a special mandala get together at my home studio on Sunday January 13th.  Stay tuned for more details.  I can’t wait.

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