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A New Year – Mandala Sharing


Sharing of inspiration and creativity is what this blog is all about.  I am always so thrilled to share the creativity of others.  My monthly mandala circle get togethers are always a delight and amazement when other mandala makers create works of depth and beauty.  Here are the first mandala sharings of this new year.  Above Maryann Young’s radiant hearts and center of gold.



Another heart centered mandala by Linda Massie, with strong and beautiful spirals.



This mandala, by Karen Martinez, like the others was created on the Winter Solstice in December.  That day of mystery, darkness and inner light was our inspiration.




Linda Massie also created this beautiful mandala with sun, waves, hearts and green growing leaves.  She added  words from a of a poem I shared:

we are all given a talent…our task, our joy is to recognize our seed of magic and to nurture it, practice it, work it, and grow it to full bloom” .

The entire poem will be shared in the upcoming 100 Days for Mandalas, starting January 26th.



I created this mandala with a tree and “snow flowers”.  I once read that in an Asian culture, I think it was Japanese, snow is described as flowers that bloom on the trees and other objects it falls on.  The beauty of snow and the quiet of snowfall is a treasured experience. Perhaps because I grew up in, and lived for many years, in the winter snow  land of Wisconsin and Minnesota and love the solitude, silence and sparkle of snow.



mandala-snow-flowers-poem-blog-creativity-for the soul-blog


I wrote a poem and added it onto a piece of vellum that fits on top of the larger mandala.  I often use this technique when I love the mandala without words, but want to add them in a way that can be part of the mandala or not.  The poem is:

The snow is a flower

That drops its beauty

From the heavens


Let the silence of the snow sing

Its song of solitude

And beauty into my heart


The tree’s bare branches

Catch the snow flowers

And let the winter

Silence sing




100 Days for Mandalas starts January 26th. Here’s info and an invitation from the first 100 Days for Mandalas.

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