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A New Leaf & Becoming

A New Leaf

Today is the first day of Spring 2021. So much has happened since last spring. Our world is changing, “turning over new leaves”. New leadership bringing welcomed changes, new healings with vaccines, new light as spring begins. But there is still much darkness with 2.8 million Covid deaths, new Covid strains, inequality, racism,  climate crises and much more.  There is great hope and great despair.


“For there is always light if only we’re brave enough to see it,
if only we’re brave enough to be it”
Amanda Gorman (Part of her Inaugural Poem)

These words have become a daily prayer. These and the other words of Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem of January 20th speak deep truths I turn to often. The magnolia leaf above that I wrote on in January hung on a bare tree branch during winter and still blows in the wind. I wanted the wind to carry the words far and people who walk by to hopefully read them.

Yesterday I added more poems and quotes. They hang on the tree, sending inspiring words  into the world.


The leaves are mostly buds on trees today where I live. They are buds ready to burst into being. They are becoming leaves. Like seeds they carry all the potential and force of being that manifests into form. This year feels like these buds are ready to burst into being unlike other years.


What is ready to burst into form this year from my life and the life of others? How can I see and be the light as Amanda Gorman’s poem asks.  Be peace, do peace reminds me that both are needed.


Leaves – My guides, My totem

A few days after hearing Amanda speak her poem, the words “leaf, love, life” appeared in a meditation and in journaling.

Leaves became a focus. I created leaf mandalas. These were inspired by Zuni Native American Corn Maiden/Mother carvings I have and love. Corn Maiden/Mother represents strength, creation, and wisdom.


These two Corn Maiden/Mothers are about 1 – 1.5 inches tall. They also inspired the ceramic Garden Guardians I am creating. My Garden Guardians stand about 4.5 inches tall. These have been in the kiln once, they are now ready for their final glaze firing next week.

Garden Guardians – front and back

These Garden Guardians oversee the new spring growth and growth during all seasons. They  honor the forces that lovingly bring plant life into being and protect that life as the plants grow. I’ve created about ten Garden Guardians. After their second kiln firing they will go in gardens bringing their energy to those spaces. Their colors will be brighter after the next kiln firing.

The Bigger Picture of Leaves

I recently found out about the film and organization “Kiss the Ground”. Leaves breath in carbon dioxide. Working with the soil, together they pull carbon out of the atmosphere storing it in the ground.  This carbon needs to stay in the ground to remedy climate change.  Check out the film on Netflix and the website KissTheGround.

New Leaves of Healing Gardens and Blossom Celebrations.

This year’s gardens, like last year’s, are healing gardens in so many ways. Healing in the sense of bringing solace and joy as leaves sprout, flowers bloom and plants grow, feeding body and soul. The greening of mother earth with new growth and blossoms fulfills a deep longing for beauty, wonder and bounty.

My February Healthy Planet article (link here) shares ways to create a healing garden including putting thoughts, prayers or poems in the garden, like the magnolia leaves written on above and written thoughts that were part of a 9/11 Peace and Healing Gardens in front of my house where walkers passing by shared their words and feelings.

My April Healthy Planet article (out April 1st) is about the celebration of viewing blossoms. Hanami in Japan is a nationwide celebration of the cherry trees blooming. We can create our own Hanami, viewing and celebrating blossoms any time of the flower season. A few years back the spring blossoms covered this stone fountain at the Missouri Botanical Garden.


A Closer Look at Leaves
Nature Journeys -Forest Bathing & Creative Expression

My first in person class since before Covid kept us indoors and apart will take place in the “wild and tame” spaces of Forest Park the day before the first day of summer, Saturday June 19th from 9 am – Noon. This gathering is a way to connect with nature and express creativity by spending mindful time in a “sit spot” along with easy simple writing and image mark making exercises.and sharing experiences. More on my website, info here.

May Spring 2021, the equinox, be a time of honoring life of all.
May the new leaves of your life bring beauty, joy and healing.









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