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A Month For Mandalas – Week 4 – Remember Prayer

A Month for Mandalas – Week 4 – Remember Prayer.  Remember connection with the Divine. Remember open heart to give and receive.  mandala-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-angel-prayer-etching-marina-terauds-blog(Etching by Marina Terauds)

Let yourself take time to remember the divinity of prayer.  A pause to reconnect with the powers and power of the Creator and energies of light and life.

For some, like myself, prayer to angels is one way of giving of  thanks and asking for alignment with the highest power of creation.

INSPIRATION – Let yourself create a mandala that is a prayer.  Open heart and align every cell of your body and being with your highest self as you create. Let every mark made and word written be the essence of prayer.

GUIDED MEDITATION – Let this guided meditation help you create mandala prayers- Mandala-Meditation-Remember-Prayer


Here are my mandalas for Remember Prayers.  Angels are a focal point for helping me send my prayers.






This mandala above is a prayer in progress.  I am adding more words as I take time to be present and of open heart when I write.

Below are more mandalas in the making that are prayers in progress.  I will share the finished prayers next week.









Please share your mandalas.  I will add them to my blog for others to be inspired.  Take a photo and send by email to “CreativityForTheSoul(at)  Please use the @ instead of (a).


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