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A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remember Truth

A Month For Mandalas – Week 2 – Remembering the Truth of Your Soul


We all have truths of who we are, who our authentic self is, what gifts we bring to the world, what passions feed our souls.  These truths are always inside of us, at our deep true core.  In the quiet, in the flow of creativity these truths whisper to us.  Remember them for they are always there.

The mandala above was inspired by the traditional throat chakra symbol. I used the crescent and full moon shapes. For me the complete circles represent the throat, open and full of light, speaking the truth.  In the traditional throat chakra symbol there are sixteen lotus petals, these to me are the flames of passion and truth. This mandala was created after the first two below.



I am making a book of my journaling and mandalas from this week’s “remember truth” prompts.  I created four pages, one of only writing – as seen above – and the other three with mandalas as part of the page.  The first mandala page – the first image of this blog – will be the cover for this week’s mandala art.  But I didn’t create it as the first of the four pages.  The journaling writing page was made first.  It starts: “today is a blue day” and ends with “today is an anger day”.  The words and images of these four pages helped so much with a personal challenge of betrayal and non-truths that I am dealing with.  I started writing calmly, but the anger rose so quickly and intensely, I could only make deep and large marks as I wrote the words of sadness and anger.


My mandalas became a refuge for my tears of sadness inside and red anger on the outside.  My writing again was strong with deep groves made from the pens on the page above.  I know that truth is blue.  It is the color of the throat chakra, where truth is spoken. This mandala was the second page I created. There is less anger than the blue writing page. The light is starting to come through.


Last I wanted the truth to be known.  This mandala, the last I created, is a simple circle with gold leaf. It represents an open throat, radiating the blue light of truth. Words of prayers to the Archangel Raguel, who is the angel of truth and justice were written down.  After creating these three mandalas and writing down the words, which expressed sadness, anger and prayer; I finished in a place of wanting light, clarity and truth.  A much better place than when I first sat down.  I  didn’t realize when I started how much creating these images and words would help me go from a place of intense anger to a place of light.

MANDALA PROMPT – Sit quietly and listen to the truths deep within.  Remember these truths, they have always been guiding you and whispering to you.



MANDALA SHARING – these are two mandalas created during the Month For Mandalas.


This beautiful bird mandala was created by Linda Massie.  She created it during our last mandala get together, which was the official kick off of this Month for Mandalas.  This bird in its sacred circle shape and the lovely words feel like they  are filling the sky with truth and beauty.



Christine Torlina knows the truth and beauty of nature.  This mandala was created a few days ago with long sticks found on canoe trip. The sticks are beaver sticks. The beavers chew off the bark and leave the wood behind.  The leaves announce the start of fall. The flower in the center is a yellow aster.  The unripe native persimmons are like eyes and mouth of a nature spirit. A beautiful mandala.

As an aside about persimmons, Christine and her husband are lovers of persimmons, in fact today they came to my house to get some of the over abundance of native persimmons that fall from an old wise tree in my back yard.  Here is a link to my blog about my tree.  And another link about the persimmons on the trees in my son and daughter-in-law’s neighborhood in California.  There is also a recipe from Christine’s husband for Persimmon Pudding Bars in this blog.  They are delicious.

Thank you Linda and Christine for sharing your mandala magic.

May this week’s prompt of REMEMBERING THE TRUTH OF YOUR SOUL, be an inspiration to enter into that sacred circle of a mandala and bring forth the spirit of your creativity.

Please share your mandalas.  I will add them to my blog for others to be inspired.  Take a photo and send by email to “CreativityForTheSoul(at)  Please use the @ instead of (a).








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