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A Month for Mandalas – Loving Water

A Month for Mandalas – Loving Water

mandala-beach-glass-ann-brune-1Beach Glass Mandala by Ann Brune

This is the fourth week of A Month for Mandalas – Session Two. It is the last week of the inspirations of the four elements. The planting of mandalas, mindfulness and prayers will be shared soon in upcoming blogs.

The main them of this session of Month for Mandalas is Planting Mandalas, Mindfullness & Prayers – Connection to Creativity & Nature.  An overview of the entire session is from the first week’s blog.

Each week is inspired by one of the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Water is this week’s inspiration.

mandala-book-rain-cover-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogI created an origami book honoring water, this is the cover

mandala-book-rain-pages-1-2-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogMandala Book – Rain -pages 1 & 2 – Acrostic Poem WATER

W inding and flowing

A lways needed

T o bring life forth

E ternally cleansing

R emoving our thirsts


mandala-book-rain-pages-3-4-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blog Mandala Rain Book – pages 3 & 4 – Acrostic Poem RAIN

R eceiving the gift

A s it flows from the heavens

I nto the heart of a seed

N ow the spark of life begins



mandala-book-pages-5-6-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogMandala Book – Rain – pages 5 & 6 – Acrostic Poem TEARS

T ime sometimes heals

E ach heart that hurts

A lthough tears bring comfort.

R ain from eyes that

S ooths our souls



mandala-book-rain-cover-back-blog-creativity-for-the-soul-blogMandala Book Rain – front and back covers

CONNECTION TO NATURE. Water is flow and nourishment of life. It surrounds us in the sky in the clouds, under our feet in the earth and in the air as humidity. We bathe in it, we drink it, we cook with it. It is inside of us in every cell. We can’t live without it. Water flows from us as tears that cleanse our souls. Let the water around you and within you be pure, cleansing, nourishing. Let the waters from the sky fall to the parched places of earth.Feel the flow of nourishing water as you drink pure water. Feel the cleansing drops as you bathe.  Look to the skies and see water in the clouds and drops of rain that fall onto the earth.  Connect with the life within the waters of earth. Feel the water as it glides over the creatures of rivers, lakes and oceans. Feel the flow as water circulates within and without.

MANDALA PROMPT: Let your flow of creativity be as the flow of pure nourishing water. Let your creativity flow from deep inside your center, like the deep water in the earth. Let your creativity burst forth like a spring of clear clean water as it reaches the surface of the earth. Find your creative flow and let it be expressed in the safety and sacredness of a mandala circle.



The planting of  Mandalas, Mindfullness & Prayers has begun.  Photos and planted prayers will be shared in upcoming blogs. Here is what it is all about:

PLANTING MANDALAS, MINDFULLNESS & PRAYERS – the theme of this Month for Mandala Session is to help us connect with creativity and nature.  The mandalas created in this session are to help us become more aware, in the moment with nature while at the same time honoring and sending love into the earth, the air, the waters and the fire of light from the sun.   Here is how I am, and hopefully some of you will be, taking mindfullness and prayers into each element:

EARTH – some of the mandalas themselves, or paper copies, will be buried in the ground of my garden.

AIR – each week a mandala prayer flag will be created that will live outside sending its energy into the air.

FIRE – some of the mandalas themselves, or paper copies, will be burned so that the smoke and their energy will go toward the sun. The ashes will be put in the ground.

WATER – some of the mandalas themselves, or paper copies , will be placed in a bowl of water letting the water soak in and dissolve the paper.  The water will then be added to a larger body of water. My plan for now is to take these mandalas at the end of the session to the Mississippi River and add them to the water so these prayers, thoughts and love can flow downstream.

SHARED MANDALAS from water’s treasures, mandalas from an ocean beach and great lake beach.




mandala-beach-glass-ann-brune-1These two beach glass mandalas were created by Ann Brune with treasures she found on a Lake Michigan beach. The little green heart shaped glass is my favorite.



mandala-sand-dollar-beach-maryann-young-blog-creativity-for-the-soul copyThis mandala has a sand dollar in the middle. It also is made of feathers and kelp.  All of these things were on a Pacific beach. MaryAnn Young created this mandala in California last summer.

Thanks for sharing Ann and MaryAnn.

SHARING MANDALAS. Please share your mandalas, if you wish, for these blog posts. Mandala makers from around the globe have shared their creativity in these blogs. It is always an inspiration to see how others express their amazing creativity. Send a digital file to Linda (at)  NOTE: put the @ sign in the email address instead of (at).




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