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A Month For Mandalas – At the Equinox – Sept 22

A Month For Mandalas is a time of creative inspiration and expression.  This first session of a month long mandala making time, will begin at the time of transition when the balance of night and day is equal – Monday September 22nd.



The fall equinox for the northern hemisphere and spring equinox for the southern hemisphere, will take place at 9:29 pm central standard time in the U.S.  This time of balance is an opportunity to bring something new, something creative into our lives.




I am sharing in this blog some of the many many mandalas created in past mandala making sessions.  This session will be shorter than previous “100 Days for Mandalas”.  There will be enough time to be surrounded by a bubble of creativity, a circle of inspiration.


It is a time to create with images and words.  A Month For Mandalas, does not mean creating one mandala a day for a month.  It is an invitation to create whatever works best.  That could be one-a-day or only one during the entire month.



It is a time to bring words and images together, if that is what inspires you.  It is a time to create outside the box while letting the sacred circle of a mandala hold you in its sacred space.



Any media will do.  Mandalas carry the form of a circle, that powerful shape that we live upon as children of our mother earth.



Any place can be a place to create a mandala.  With living plants, stones, flower petals, sticks, leaves – a mandala can be created from anything.



It is a time to “Enter the Mystery” of your creative soul, your dreams and wishes.


Nature can be the inspiration for images held in a circle of color.


Collage, painting, arranging.  All are some of infinite possibilities of touching your creative soul.



Please join the first session of “A Month For Mandalas” as the energy of the earth finds a point of balance and a new season begins.

The theme will be REMEMBER. There will be one theme for the entire month, with prompts and a meditation each week.



Here is an explanation and invitation from the first 100 Days for Mandalas session that gives guidance.

I hope you will join this time of creativity and sharing.

Please share your mandalas, if you wish, for these blog posts.  Send a digital file to Linda (at)  NOTE: put the @ sign in the email address instead of (at).

Enjoy and Create.








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