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A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 4

A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 4



This is week 4 of a creativity adventure titled “A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day”

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It was a week of inspiration in New Mexico. In Santa Fe I found this beautiful symbol on a statue of Mary in the grounds of the Santa Fe Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis.



This symbol may have other  meanings, but it also the seed pattern for a three circuit labyrinth.



It is easy to create the labyrinth. By connecting the center cross to the 4 dots on the corners, a labyrinth is created.  The links can go either to the right, like this labyrinth above, or to the left. Either way the 3 circuits are created.


Doodle mandalas always calm me. I love the fantasy flowers and plants that emerge. They are easy to create in downtime like airports and waiting rooms.



Coloring these mandalas also calms me and bring a sense of beauty and peace. I like to use water soluble colored pencils that can be brushed with water to look like watercolor.



The landscape of New Mexico thrills me when I see the receding mountains and hills that grow ever more blue/gray.  The color at the bottom of each hill lightens, just like the sky becomes lighter closer to the horizon.



I tried out some new art materials. Tombow brush pens and Derwent graphite pens are water-soluble and dance with water at the edges.



I wrote a prayer/poem in honor of the Corn Dance performed together by Pueblo Indians from the Santa Clara, San Ildefonso and Tesuque  pueblos. One of the most powerful offerings I have ever been privileged to witness and be a recipient of.



I was able to get another corn maiden fetish carved by the Zuni Indians at my favorite Santa Fe store, Keshi.  I know what I will be drawing soon.


Here is a guided meditation to help with your creativity.  And if you are traveling, take along your art supplies. It’s a way to deepen creativity and memories.


These drawings, designs and doodles are in preparation for the 5 day workshop I will be teaching for the FACE (Faith, Art & Creative Expression) conference at  KANUGA near Asheville, NC. The dates are August 19-24th.  Anyone can attend.  Here’s more info:

Learning to See Creator in Creation through Easy Drawing, Sketching & Watercolor Painting.
Drawing – A Dance with the Divine





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