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A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 2

A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 2

This is week 2 of a creativity adventure titled “A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day”

If you missed Week 1 – here is the link

I thought it would be a week of drawing dread, instead it turned into a joy to wake up and find something that calls me to be seen, deeply seen. I was drawn into pieces of nature by the beauty and fragrance each held. And new art materials inspired me to doodle something that turned into a sea landscape with sun above.

Here are the drawings, designs or doddles from week 1, and some background info not shared on the daily postings of these images on Instagram – here’s the link for that .


It’s called Sweet Coneflower. It botanical name is Rudbeckia subtomentosa. I love it best when it starts to wither and send out its strongest sweet scent.


It is small but powerfully scented. The curl of the petals makes my heart sing.



I bought a new Japanese brush pen, from a favorite online art pen/pencil store called Jet Pens. They sell mostly Japanese pens, papers and art supplies.  I wanted to try it out and played with thin and thick strokes.  I colored with watercolor pencils and paints. The lines inspired a sea and sun landscape.



In the winter I throw birdseed onto my front patio. Some seeds fall off the edge and plant themselves by the front door.  The flowers attract yellow finches that often hang out there and fly away when I open the door. The beauty of the buds is as magnificent as the flowers.


I did a couple of  contour drawings and filled in one with watercolor.



The daturas also plant themselves by my front door.


On Sunday I opened the door. There was a fragrant open blossom waiting for me.  It would soon wither having been open since last evening at dusk.  The highly curled buds pop open just before dark. I want to dance along the curling edge. The ups and downs of how the petals form thrills me. I think I know how Georgia O’Keefe felt.


I am traveling to Georgia O’Keefe country this summer. Santa Fe, Abiquiu, Taos with wide open sky and rocks. The White Place, Ghost Ranch and all that art. I can’t wait.


Last week when I spent time with Prairie Dock I cut a stem with buds. The way the flower bud wraps around with layers of green and the smaller bud being held by the leaf below the bud made me think of a baby wrapped in a blanket.


None of the buds have opened yet to show their yellow flowers.




While strolling through my garden looking for something to draw I found one of the resident bunnies. I’m not thrilled they live in my flower bed, so far not too much damage.




Sometimes I stand while drawing something I can’t bring inside, like the blooming datura. Other times I sit to make marks in one of my creative spaces, a sunroom with three walls of windows. I call this space, “the room where I find my forgotten dreams”.


To help you make marks in a drawing, design or doodle and to find your forgotten dreams, here is the guided meditation for week 2.


These drawings, designs and doodles are in preparation for the 5 day workshop I will be teaching for the FACE (Faith, Art & Creative Expression) conference at  KANUGA near Asheville, NC. The dates are August 19-24th.  Anyone can attend.  Here’s more info:

Learning to See Creator in Creation through Easy Drawing, Sketching & Watercolor Painting.
Drawing a Dance with the Divine





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