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A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 1

A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day – Week 1*

This is the first day of a creativity adventure titled “A Drawing, Design or Doodle a Day”


I sometimes need creativity assignments to do what my heart really wants to do. I need permission to jump into a creative space. So this drawing assignment was what I dreaded and wanted.

Instead of dreading drawing, which I sometimes feel, I found myself looking forward to finding something in nature that called to me, that “drew” me to it.  Something I wanted to see more clearly and deeply.  Something that let me see into creation and let me record that encounter with a drawing.


There are several prairie plants in my front garden called Prairie Dock (botanical name Silphium terebinthinaceum). They have very large leaves 12 -24 inches long.



From the base of the large leaves are very  tall stems with buds, soon to be yellow sunflower like flowers. The plant in the photo above isn’t the one I drew, but one like it.

I took a folding chair outside and sat in my front lawn while I spent time with this new Prairie Dock friend. I love the wavy movement of the leaf edges. The three nine foot tall stems, soon to show yellow flowers, lifted my eyes to the sky.



I created my first day drawing that I am sharing today, here and on Instagram (find it here).  It is a contour drawing where my eyes traveled along the edges. I let myself feel the opening to my heart and whole body as I imagined traveling along the edges, like a small ant or fairy.


I am looking forward to spending short sessions of time enjoying the  marks I can make each day inspired by the beauty of nature.

Each week there will be an audio guided meditation to help you find your creative space.  This week’s meditation starts the journey of connection and communion with something in nature you use as inspiration to draw, design or doodle about.
Here’s a guided meditation about how to get started. Listen Here:

Please join me on this journey.  If you would like to share what you created inspired by these blogs, please contact me through this blog. (Contact link is in the upper right hand corner a little down from the top)

Here are links to the blogs about this creative journey that started when I was asked to teach a 5 day workshop at KANUGA in North Carolina titled Learning to See Creator in Creation through Easy Drawing, Sketching & Watercolor Painting.

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*A glitch in my blog internet server delayed the first day of this month long adventure.  It was supposed to be July 15th, but here we are only a day or two late.

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