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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Two


This week become aware of the living colors of life.  Colors you see in flowers, in animals, in stones, in all parts of creation.  Realize you are living color and the colors you choose in your creations are living colors. And to share those colors is a gift.

Bring the light of illumination into your being and radiate the colors of your soul into the world
Mandala Meditation Three – For 100 Days for Mandalas

The mandalas seen here are beautiful, powerful and a great inspiration.  They are a joy to view and admire. Spend some time viewing each one.

Terry Perrino created the living colors seen in the first mandala with a spiral in the palm of a hand and the flower in the palm of the hand seen below.  These are healing hands to me, with the power of beauty and healing images right in that  energy center. Looking at these hands make my hands get tingly feeling their power.

This mandala flower with spirals in the center is also by Terry Perrino, and inspires sunflower photos by me seen after this one.

The art journal mandala below is by me. I needed to write words and journal, which only needed to be expressed and not made legible. They are the background for words I did need to see – Open Heart.

And my special thanks to a friend Pat Brewer who creates beautiful hand bound books.  My 100 Days for Mandalas creations are within the pages of a book she created.  When I saw the cover I knew it would be a perfect companion for this 100 Day Journey.


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