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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Three


This mandala was created by Tina Sparks in honor of her sister Cheryl who is now in the prairies of South Dakota for four days celebrating the Sun Dance.  Tina and her sister are part of the Lakota tribe and the Sun Dance is a celebration they have been part of for many years.  This mandala honors Cheryl and all who honor the sun this time of the summer solstice.  Please keep Cheryl in your thoughts and prayers.  More of Tina’s mandalas will be in next week’s mandala blog.

Christine Torlina has painted mandala flowers and plants on tote bags called Torlina Totes that will be part of a fund raiser for the Missouri Prairie Foundation this coming weekend June 23rd and 24th.  There is an art show, plein air painting, prairie tours and more at Bethany Springs, near Hermann, Missouri.  Christine has been part of my  mandala workshops and get togethers for over five years.

More of these prairie mandalas are after the mandala prompt and meditation

In this time of summer light where the dark is illuminanated, let the light of your creativity and artistry shine bright.  The long days and bright sun can shine into the deepest mysteries of our soul at this time of year.  This light can bring forth the images and messages of the soul onto the pages of our mandalas.  This light also illuminates the knowing that all of us are artists in the truest sense when we can listen to our creative soul.

Bring the light of the solstice, that longest day that longs to illuminate the mystery of your artistry and life into your awareness.
Mandala Meditation Four – 100 Days for Mandalas

Here are more of Christine’s mandala paintings on her totes.
Missouri Evening Primrose – Oenothera macrocarpa

Rose Gentian – Sabatia angularis

Sand Coreopsis – Coreopsis lanceolata villosa

Big Bluestem – Andropogon gerardii

Royal Catchfly –Silene regia

Side Oats Grama – Bouteloua curtipendula

Prairie Dock – Silphium terebinthinaceum

The prairie dock is my favorite.  Even in the  95 degree heat I couldn’t wait to get some prairie dock plants for my garden.  They are supposed to arrive today from Missouri Wildflower Nursery.  I can’t wait for the large leaves to compliment my mostly English Cottage Garden look garden.  From those large leaves come tall stems with delicate balls of buds and then the whispy yellow flowers.

Enjoy this time of long light and honor those who are honoring our father sun during the Sun Dance.




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