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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Six

Nature’s Inspiration & Making Marks

Humankind has made marks of patterns and images upon many surfaces.  Those that have survived the longest are on stone.  Nature herself makes patterns and images in many forms of creation.  Take time to see mandala patterns – a flower, a seed, clouds in the sky perhaps – and be inspired.  Make marks of mandala patterns upon stones, bark, paper, sidewalks – whatever works for you.

MANDALA MEDITATION – be inspired and one with nature
Mandala Meditation Week Six


Making marks in stone is an inspiration for my mandalas.  I love the work done by Zuni artists in these fetishes  that I recently got in Santa Fe. The spirals, zig zags, triangles, lines and dots speak to me.

I used india ink, permanent markers and white paint for these mandalas.

This last mandala was done on a stone with the darker brown already there.  The natural etching reminds me of long ago continents surrounded by water on an earth surface of a forgotten world.

Concentric circles are an image I come back to, again and again.  They are found in petroglyphs from around the world.  What do they mean?  No one knows for sure, but a favorite book shares some thoughts.

According to this book, concentric circles can symbolize the sun or a shamanic journey between the upper and middle worlds.

This mandala by Tina Sparks shows concentric circles too.

The following mandalas by Tina are inspired by nature, her Native American heritage and her daughter’s creativity.

Mandala by  Tina Sparks and daughter.

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