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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Seven

Sacred Elements of Life: Air, Earth, Water, Fire mandala – by Sister Corlita Bonnarens

This beautiful mandala by Corlita Bonnarens is the inspiration for this week’s mandala prompt.  As we enter the middle of 100 Days for Mandalas (today is day 47), we will spend the next four weeks honoring the sacred elements of life: fire, water, earth and air.

In St.Louis, as in much of the country, we are experiencing a severe drought.  We have had 39 days of temperatures over 100 degrees, with the high of 108 degrees.  A few weeks ago there were ten days straight of over 100.  These are the highest temperatures ever in this usually hot summer city.  And we have had almost no rain.

This is a time to honor life and mother earth. In this time of extreme heat, the element of fire is talking to us.  We need to listen to these messages, knowing that fire is necessary for life.  By honoring fire and asking for balance and healing of our earth and ourselves, we can honor the passion of fire and our creative fire.

An almost nine minute meditation to get in touch with and be inspired by the fire of your creative passion.
Mandala Meditation Week 7  


Passion Mandala by Kelly Larson

Holy Mystery mandala by Corlita Bonnarens.  This mandala is based upon a Mantra called  HOLY MYSTERY  sung by Monica Brown on an album called Heart’s Journey.  The words of the mantra are incorporated in the mandala.


Bird mandala by Kelly Larson


Presence Mandala by Corlita Bonnarens


Four Directions mandala by Kelly Larson


Poem mandala by Kelly Larson


Eye mandala by Kelly Larson


Break Free mandala – with IPad Scratch App – by Kelly Larson


Break Free mandala 2 – with IPad Scratch app – by Kelly Larson

Sorry this blog didn’t get out on Monday as I had hoped.  It’s now Tuesday evening and my bed time.

Kelly Larson’s “Yawn” mandala is exactly how I feel.



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