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100 Days for Mandalas – Week One


This week bring an intention, or purpose, into the creation of your mandala.  An intention is a thought and feeling about something that you would like to give attention.  This could be a wish, or a desire for help with a worry.  It can be something as simple as a wish to feel joy, or maybe it is a worry about something in particular.  Let your intention be a guide in the creation of your mandala.

This week’s guided meditation can help in finding relaxation and a connection to creativity.  It is seven and a half minutes long.

Mandala Meditation Two – 100 Days For Mandalas

The mandalas below are beautiful, powerful and a great inspiration.  They are a joy to view and admire. Spend some time viewing each one.

The first two were created by Sister Corlita Bonnarens.

The next ones are by Terry Perrino.  Terry sent more images than what is shown here.  Next week there will be more to share.

Kelly Larson, my road trip traveling companion, and co-creator of 100 Days for Mandala, shared these below.

My mandala is the first one shown.  My intention for this mandala was to let all mandala creators be surrounded by divine light, to step into their own unique light so they can blossom and to share their light with the world.

Enjoy this week, and please share your mandalas.  Send to:




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