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100 Days for Mandalas – Week Five

Images and Words
Calla Lily Mandala with words by Tina Sparks

We experience life through our senses.  We see, taste, smell, hear and feel through touch.  Our imagination lets us experience through these senses.  An image is what we see, but also know through our other senses. Images are the language of our body and our senses.  This is the universal language we are born with, that came before the language of words.  We knew how to listen to the language of our imagination,  images we perceived and created, before we knew words.  When creating a mandala, listen to the language of images and then write words in response.  Put those words into your mandala, or on a separate page.  Enjoy this form of art journaling called mandala art journaling.

This eleven minute meditation is a mandala journey of images and words.

Mandala Meditation Week Five

Sometimes words are the image, by Tina Sparks

Mandala by Kelly Larson

Mandala by Tina Sparks

There are many ways to let mandalas speak to you through images and words.  Often I “randomly” pick cards from inspirational card decks.  Last week on Monday I sat down with my angel cards deck and pulled out the card for Angel Teresa, which was my maternal grandmother’s name.  It seemed very appropriate with my busy life.  But then on Wednesday Kelly Larson came to my house and I told her about Angel Teresa.  Kelly then “randomly” pulled a card from the deck and she got the Angel Teresa card.  We laughed and said we both need to take a retreat.  I then said maybe I should pull a card.  So Teresa went back in the deck and I “randomly” pulled a card.  Guess what, it was Teresa again.  What stronger message do I need to listen to the angels and their guidance. Probably none.
Here is Angel Teresa and what she said.

I need to really listen to these words.  I used them and other words in the mandalas I did this week.  They are all reminders to listen to my angels and guides.

I need to give myself permission to nurture myself, which is often really hard to do.  Giving permission to yourself is often the only obstacle to living the life you love and need.  I wanted to find an image of the old pink permission slips we had in grade school.  I couldn’t find any, but found some perfect vintage looking permission slips on a blog called Something Shiny.  Kelly the artist on this blog offers these amazing and perfect permission slips that I used in my mandala.

And my last mandala was inspired by the angel wings of Teresa and her words.

May you listen to your angels and be guided in creativity.


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