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100 Days for Mandalas -Spring, Nature & Mystery- Week Eleven


In this beautiful, crazy springtime (deep snow one day, flowers the next) the joy of earth and sky seeps into our bones, body and being.  Nature calls to us with its mystery and magic and leaves its imprint on our souls.

Mandala by Anne Brune – created at Mandala Get Together a few days after a crescent moon

The above and following mandalas reflect nature’s call and our creative response.  Interestingly it is often not until the mandala is finished that we become aware that we are letting the colors, shapes and symbols of creation’s majesty shine forth. Sometime nature’s inspiration is a conscious choice, other times it comes through heart and hands to be known and expressed while the mandala maker is unaware they are the channel of nature’s beautiful expression.


Mandala by Christine, created during a spring rain with lightening and thunder

Mandala by Ann Brune, created a few days before spring to usher in the greening of the earth

Mandala by Tina Sparks – owl eyes that pierce with their wisdom

Mandala by Christine – a snow poem

Mandala by me – I want the green of spring to break through, with the love of earth and sky as roots

The following mandalas have their own mystery and meaning.  Let all of these mandalas speak to you in their own way.

Mandala by Christine

Mandala by Tina Sparks

MANDALA PROMPT – Let the Earth, Spring and Nature Speak to You & Inspire You

MANDALA MEDITATION – Mandala Meditation Feel Springtime


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