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100 Days for Mandalas – Session three – RECEIVE, part two – Sharing

RECEIVE – this is the second, and last, week for the word receive as an inspiration for 100 Days for Mandalas.

mandala-tomatoes-hands-mandala-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogMandala with photo of my garden helper Harry’s hands holding tomatoes and nasturtiums from my garden

To receive is not looked upon with as much value as giving, yet they are the yin/yang of life.  We receive all the blessings and sorrows of life, so that we can give our passions, dreams and life energy to others, the world and the universe.

A member of my book group happened to meet and get to know the author Amanda Owen who wrote a book about receiving called – The Power of Receiving.  It’s a worthwhile book that goes into the dynamics of receiving and how to help achieve goals and dreams by allowing yourself to receive.  I highly recommend it.

MANDALA INSPIRATION – RECEIVE –  let go of all that no longer serves your highest self, open your heart and receive the blessings of life









I was so inspired when I received these mandalas from Christine, one of my mandala students. They show the bounty and beauty that Christine receives from her garden.





heart-beet-mandala-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft-blogHeart Beet – look at the center of the beautiful mandala

Please share the mandalas and art journaling you create by sending me an email with attachments of your art. Please use a high resolution – which can be a smart phone camera – with enough surroundings in the photo.  I can easily crop the image.  Please send to linda (at)  Please use the @ sign and no spaces.

ENJOY AND CREATE  – The words of inspiration for the last month of 100 Days for Mandalas are – DREAM & HOME



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