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100 Days for Mandalas – Session Three – LISTEN


LISTENING – This two week period for 100 Days for Mandalas is about listening.  Listening to what we normally don’t hear.  Listening not only with our ears but also with our bodies and our souls.  Listening by being open, open to receiving.  Receiving with open hearts.

THE SPEED OF HEALING – I’ve been in a different time zone for the last two weeks.  The time zone of healing, where what once took a few minutes now takes ten times as long.  My living space is confined to the first floor, since the big brace on my leg to keep it straight doesn’t allow steps or driving.  Time is a different zone when healing, a perfect time to listen.

So I have been listening to my body. Listening for healing.  Knowing that soon I will be dancing again. (My husband and I started dance lessons six months ago.)  Knowing that the dancing pattern is being woven into the healing of my broken knee.


SILENCE – For me, and most people, silence is part of listening.  It is the space for hearing and receiving.  There is much that can be heard in silence.  Our souls often speak in the silence.



These are the first of my mandalas in the series devoted to listening.


Allow a space of silence in your life.  Listen deeply through all your senses, through your soul.  Let the listening bring you guidance and creativity. Express the mysteries of your life in what you hear, in your mandalas.

MANDALA MEDIATION  –  Mandala Meditation Listen

Please share the mandalas and art journaling you create by sending me an email with attachments of your art. Please use a high resolution – which can be a smart phone camera – with enough surroundings in the photo.  I can easily crop the image.  Please send to linda (at)  Please use the @ sign and no spaces.

NEW “STUDIO” SPACE – for awhile any way
I can’t easily get to my garden level studio, at least by myself for a few more weeks.  So I have had to bring art supplies to my first floor, where I now reside.  I’m one of these people who can’t start a project until I feel my surroundings are in order and settled.  I love my “new” studio space.  It’s really not  new,  just hasn’t been used for creating art for awhile.  It’s home to creativity though – on the feng shui bagua – and as my favorite room for meditation, yoga and now again creating art.   Here are a few photos to show the changes and what inspires me.














Enjoy –  Create – Listen

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