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100 Days for Mandalas – Session Three- DREAM – part Two – Feng Shui Mandalas

This session of 100 Days for Mandalas will be extended for a few extra weeks.  Sometimes creativity has its own timeline.  Also this part of the 100 days, with its inspiration word Dream, has become a time to really look deeply into past wishes and dreams along with  present and future dreams, and for me that has taken more time.


Life Journey – the trigram shows from top to bottom: yin,  yang, yin

I used the Feng Shui Bagua as the template as a way to look at the whole picture, creating mandalas for each section.  The bagua (see one at the end of this blog) is divided into nine area of a person’s life that illustrate parts of the whole. The center of the bagua is represented by the yin yang symbol of perfect balance. Each of the other eight sections has a trigram that is three lines of either yin –  (a line with a space in the middle), or yang – (solid line).   Look for the trigram on each of the art journaling pages that goes with the mandalas. Here are five of the nine, starting with life’s journey.

mandala-life-journey-1-blog-linda-wiggen-kraft copy

Life Journey
a river that has taken me many places

In the Feng Shui bagua, which is usually used for physical spaces of buildings or land, the beginning area to look at is called “Life Journey”.



Heritage – the white lines trigram shows from top to bottom: yin,  yin,  yang
(the quote is a favorite: ” I sometimes ache to be rocked in the bosom of the blood relations
and busybodies of my childhood”, by Barbara Kingsolver)



Me, my Mother, Grandmother & Great Aunt shelling peas at my Grandmother’s farm




Harmony – Center of the Bagua – perfect balance of yin & yang




Harmony & Health



Partner – trigram all yin signs – the most receptive of all



Partner & Relationship

a photo from our wedding




Creativity – trigram yin, yang, yang



Creativity –
a flame that always burns bright

MANDALA PROMPT – Remember your dreams of childhood, for they are often the ones that guide us the most.

MANDALA MEDITATION – Mandala Meditation – Dreams

FENG SHUI INFO – Below shows all eight of the trigrams.  In the bagua there are nine sections with the center showing the perfect balance of yin and yang.  The energy of each of the other bagua sections is a combination of yin and yang.


This Feng Shui Bagua shows the nine areas and what they represent. This one is from Feng Shui Made Easy by William Spear

Feng Shui concepts emailNext week I will share the other four bagua section mandalas, and the bound book I put all nine of them in.

SHARING  –  I will share some of the mandalas  created by the wonderful mandala makers who attend my mandala workshop in early November.  It is always so amazing for me to see the unique and deep creativity that pours forth in these workshops.  It will be great to share these.


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