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100 Days for Mandalas – Session 3 – HOME – Dreams – Feng Shui Bagua

HOME – the word for inspiration for the last two weeks of session 3 of 100 Days for Mandalas is home.  Home is a place inside our hearts where we are at home with ourselves.  Where we feel safe, nurtured and centered.  Let this word inspire your life and creativity.



Let this meditation remind you of the home you always have, inside your heart

Mandala Meditation – Home

GRATITUDE – May your hearts be filled with thanks for all the blessings of life.

This week many of us are traveling to a home of our childhood, a home with family, a home of friends, a home that we have never been to before. Other of us are staying home and perhaps filling it with family, friends, strangers, and new ones in our life.  Some of us are helping share meals with those who are in need.  In any of these gatherings there may be love, familiarity, joy, tiredness from travel, sadness, anger and any of the ingredients that make up the stew and spice of our feeling  life.

Let your creativity honor this time of gratitude with the images and words you create in your mandalas.


Here are the last of the nine mandalas I created based on the sections of the Feng Shui bagua, inspired by the word DREAM.
Each of the mandalas has an art journaling page the shows the trigram (3 solid or broken lines) that symbolize the yin and yang energies.  The other feng shui mandalas and info about this are in my last two blog posts: Dreams and Dreams Part Two.



Abundance – Trigram from top to bottom – yin, yin yang



My cup of life is filled with blessings



Synchronicity – Helpful Friends – Trigram yang, yang, yang




It is the synchronicity of life that has created an amazing journey




Illumination and Recognition – trigram yang, yin, yang
(photo of me as a child smelling tulips)


To be as wise as a child and the lotus, and be known for that



Mandala Bagua Book Back Cover



Mandala Bagua Book – Front Cover Bound



Mandala Bagua Book – Pages seen from the side


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