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100 Days for Mandalas – Prairies & For the Birds – Week Ten

As spring arrives, it is great to share outdoor mandalas.  Christine created a mandala from the chared circle of prairie dropseed from the prairie spring burn at her country home.  She then added  gemstones and glass the the grass to create a mandala .




I so love this prairie path.   It looks like in a dream, leading to a mysterious unknown place where great soul adventures will take place.



My red patio table stays outside year round, and is part of the view from my art studio.  Its surface called out for a mandala in the center of its already mandala shape.



I used stones that I had painted last year and dried rose petals from last year’s garden.  (Oh spring and summer with your glorious blooms, I can’t wait)



The three 12 inch mandalas I created in a flower bed next to the driveway and street were so fun to make.  They are not just for people pleasure, they are for the birds.  The string yarn was cut into foot long sections, in hopes that the birds will find the yarn and use it for their nests.



Inspired by Nespoon, the artist featured in my last blog, who uses doilies as the design of her urban art,  I placed three of my mother’s old paper doilies on the ground.  (I have plenty more so these were not the last). On top of the doilies I put gourds.  My hope is that some animal will find the gourds and eat them.  Then I wrapped the yarn around in a circle.



I used three different kinds of yard.



The robin’s egg blue punched paper is meant to inspire the robins to take the yarn and lay their beautiful blue eggs.  The heavy paper is from a box that holds the “to die for” macarons from the new French bakery in St. Louis called La Patisserie Chouquette.



The other punched flower and heart shapes are from an old poster of my mandala flowers and construction paper.

I see these three lovely mandalas from the window by my desk. I can’t wait for the birds and other wild creatures to claim them for their own.


MANDALA PROMPT – Enjoy the out of doors now that we are in spring.  Let the gathering light guide your creativity and shine from your heart.


MANDALA MEDITATION –  Mandala Meditation Springtime


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