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100 Days for Mandalas – Outdoor & Street Mandala Art – Week 9



There is an artist in Poland named Nespoon, who creates what she calls “jewelry for public spaces.”  She works with the mandala shape of doilies, those circular lace shapes that maybe your grandma or great grandmother made.  Her work gives honor to the craft along with brightening public spaces with a different kind of graffiti.

Her work is done with large stencil doilie patterns that she spray paints to create the image. Sometimes she adds smaller ceramic mandala shapes that she adds to the doilie graffiti.



Sometimes the ceramic art is put in places where it looks like it has been there all along.



Sometimes the ceramic pieces are put in public places that don’t usually have art as part of the landscape.



Some of her work is traditional doilie lace making, put in public spaces instead of in a home.



The contrast of rust and large lace mandala image is the kind of urban art that brings a feminine touch to the street.



The sweetness of this wall is something not seen in public spaces very often.   I’d love to see more of this kind of art bring light to empty urban walls.


Public art at the beach, why not?








MANDALA PROMPT – Create a mandala outdoors.  One way is to gather twigs, leaves, stones and other objects from nature. Paint a mandala on a surface like the tree trunk above, or some other “canvas” that will reveal itself to you.  Create a mandala inside and bring it outdoors, put it in a place that will surprise others.

MANDALA MEDITATION – Mandala Meditation Spring Outdoor Mandalas


PS – please check out Nespoon’s website on Behance (another great creative site).  Her work brings so much light to urban places that shine when beauty becomes part of their essence.



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