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100 Days for Mandalas -New & Old- Week Eight

The spiral of life brings us back to a familiar place, which lets us see the old with new eyes and new inspirations.

Kelly Larson Fabric Mandala

Kelly Larson shared part of her fabric quilt wall hanging with its powerful mother and child mandala and inspiring words calling out.  I had seen this piece before, but luckily I can see it with new eyes and feel its beauty and energy again.



Another Kelly mandala in its simple round form with pieces of  printed fabric and the word “create” that is an inspiration to us all.  I love the simple yet powerful flower shape.

In my own mandala making, I have been revisiting old friends from decades ago, who come to visit in my imagination from time to time.


The simple drawings of animals bring me a contentment and  joy.  I have been creating these on and off for over three decades.  My first was a story with illustrations about a mouse.  The aged pages of that book, with words written on a typewriter and glued to the pages inspired this new little mouse.  Since these little creatures have been put away in a folder not seeing the light of day for years, I felt I wanted to bring these kinds of drawings back to life by setting them into the womb of a mandala.



I used to only draw with technical pens, which I am using again.  They come in various line sizes and  although a pain to refill and sometimes use, I like that I don’t throw a plastic pen away when the ink is gone. My most recent purchase was the fine line of a .25 rapidograph.  The thin line inspired these animal drawings, like those I did long ago.



The tiny lines are perfect for the 2 1/2 inch circles of these mandalas.



I want to bring some of the other animal drawings into the present, with their own mandala rebirth.  I’m glad these friends are part of my life again.



Mandala Prompt – INSPIRATION FROM THE PAST.  Let your experiences from before, be the foundation of new inspirations.

Mandala Meditation –  Mandala Meditation Week Eight – Session Two




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