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100 Days for Mandalas -Hands- Week Four

Today I am inspired by mandalas that show the power and beauty of hands, both the hands of humans and the hands of the Creator.


The first two mandalas were created by Tina Sparks.  I love the powerful beauty of these hand mandala images.


It is not just the images of hands that inspire me, but also the meaning and gratitude of what hands bring to life.  They heal, help, caress, connect and show the blueprint of our life in each palm.

But perhaps most important of all, they bring the spark of life force into all we create, and all that is created. The mandalas above show the lift force through hands as strongly as one of the world’s most famous paintings.



What we find created by nature can be attributed to the hand of God.  Often it is the hand of humans that create patterns in the marvelous materials of creation.  The snow mandala below was sent by Gail Havedill.



And for more snow mandalas and patterns, here is a link sent by Nancy Storm.

I love to see mandalas made with all sorts of materials, including fabric.  I subscribe to a blog from artist Jane LaFazio.  Here are some quilt mandalas she made.

And for my own mandalas, the joy of paper, paints and pen never ceases.



Lately my mandalas have been mini books, as I call the folder format.  The thick paper of the folder works well with watercolors, inks and markers.  The inside and outside reflect the known and the mystery, the outer and inner worlds of my life, the yin and yang of opposites in union.




MANDALA PROMPT – Know and love your hands. Feel the power of your hands as the channel of your creativity and a point of expression for head, heart and hands.


MANDALA MEDITATION – Mandala Meditation – Hands



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