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100 Days for Mandalas – Community & Closure – Weeks 14 & 15

This is the last week for this session of 100 Days for Mandalas, which started January 14th. Where did those 100 days go?

This is not the last 100 Days for Mandalas, another session will start in July. (Yeah).  Sorry it has been a few weeks since the last 100 Days for Mandala post, but here are many  mandalas to share to show what has been going on since the last post.

And of course mandalas will be part of future posts from now until July.  If there are mandalas you would like to share, please send at any time.

One of my mandalas from the workshop

The mandalas shown here are from my Mandalas, Meditation and Journaling workshop I taught last weekend.  Workshops bring a special kind of creativity and community that only happens when gathered together.  I love teaching others by sharing creativity in the intimacy of my studio.  I have all my toys (art supplies) and books in one place. Also all the years of creativity that have been expressed in workshops, mandala get togethers and working by myself in this special place bring an energy that inspires me and others. In fact one participant asked if I rented out the space just so she could come hang out there.

Below is a sharing of some of the wonderful creativity from those who created these mandalas in our workshop last weekend.  (More of this creativity will be shown in upcoming blog posts)

Mandala by Marty Cahill

Mandala by Tina Sparks

Mandala by Jo Ann Walton

Mandala by Joy Weber

Mandala by Belinda Brin

Mandala by Lisa Pieper

MANDALA PROMPT – Let the community of creativity that is shared online and in workshops be an inspiration and connection for your own creativity.

MANDALA MEDITATION –  Mandala Meditation – Creative Flow & Community

As mentioned above, more of the creativity from this recent mandala workshop will be shared in upcoming blog posts.

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