"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious."
-Albert Einstein


“A transcendent being can be any miracle.”  Wayne Dyer


"Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having
new eyes." Marcel Proust

"The One, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, these are what we call the transcendental attributes
of Being, because they surpass
all the limits of essences and are coextensive with Being."
              Hans Urs von Balthasas





Transcendence means to go beyond. All expressions of creativity and creation have the potential to let those who create, and those experiencing creation, transcend the everyday, mundane and finite. Transcending the finite to experience the infinite is part of the joyful expansion of human experience.

Human experience takes place through body, mind and soul. The human body is the starting point of experience through the senses. Each sense allows a physical experience, but it is also through the senses that transcendence can be found.

Experiencing life through the five senses of sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are what makes us human.  Some schools of thought say that humans have more than five senses including movement and balance. Many spiritual and indigenous traditions provide examples of how the senses, along with mind and soul, are used as a means to experience the infinite through the finite. Nature also provides the means for these experiences as each animate and inanimate object offers to share with us through sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and movement.

By gazing upon the beauty of a flower, a sense of something beyond the physical is seen. Mandala shapes, like flower shapes, are used as meditation tools in different traditions for this purpose. Songs, prayers and mantras are all sounds upon which the journey from finite to infinite can take place.  The sounds of animal songs, the sounds of a stone, the sounds of all creation and songs the cosmos also carry awareness to the infinite. The fragrance of spring blooming daffodils, of night scented jasmine and incense in a temple transport to a place eternal. The sublime taste of a freshly picked ripe tomato, the sweetness of fruit, the transcendence of ritual foods in religious ceremony use taste for transcendence. The caress of a mother’s arms, the softness of a grassy meadow, the healing touch of anointment centers the soul. Swaying and dancing to the beat of a drum, walking with the rhythm of the earth or twirling in ecstasy are some of the ways movement aligns with the breathe of the cosmos.

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