Life’s Instructions - Bold Type


Life’s Instructions – inspirations and reminders of things we sometimes forget to do. These fine art prints and greeting cards combine the beauty of a flower photo close-up with the power of simple words like “breathe, pause, celebrate, wonder, enjoy”, that inspire people to do what matters in life. The bold type is modern and crisp.

They are mandala* like images that help people find their own inner center. These photos can be used for meditation or simply enjoyment of each flower’s beauty. They are meant to be framed and displayed in home, offices, schools, spas, yoga studios, massage rooms and healing places.


Note: the copyright information show on the front of each of the images in this website will not be on the real card or print.


Click on thumbnails below to see a larger version.
Believe -morning glory

Breathe -rose

Celebrate -cosmos1
Celebrate -nigella 2 Dare- anemone Dream 1- clematis
Dream 2 - gerber daisy Enjoy - sunflower Fear Less -zinnia
Heal - mum Hope - zinnia Imagine - dahlia
Laugh - hibiscus Love 1 - gerber daisy Love 2 - primrose
Open Heart - zinnia Pause - anemone Rejoice - zinnia
Remember - poppy Smile - mum Stop&smell... -1 light -rose
Stop&smell... -2 dark -rose Trust - okra Wonder - waterlily
Series II

Breathe - morning glory

Breathe - sunflower

Dance- tulip

Find Center - camellia

Follow your heart - Rose

Imagine - zinnia

Listen - daffodil

Love - rose

Namaste - plumbago

Rejoice - heliopsis

Sing - tulip

Smile - waterlily

Trust - morning glory



*Mandala means center, circle, container and essence in Sanskrit. They are circular sacred images used in many cultures and spiritual traditions to help the viewer experience the infinite. They bring beauty, healing, inspiration and peace to those who view them.

Fine Art Prints – Signed by the artist Linda Wiggen Kraft
The images from Life’s Instructions, Centered on Flowers and Fantasy Flower Mandala Paintings are available as a prints. The prints show the detail of each flower or painting and the crispness of the type. Each signed print ranges from 11 x 11 inches with an 8x8 image surrounded by white border to a 38 x 38 inches with a 28x28 inch image. (Some photos can not be printed in the largest sizes).
Each print is signed by the artist.
Cost of Prints - $45 each for 11x11 with 8x8 image, please contact Linda for pricing on larger sizes.

Cost & Size of Cards - Cards are sold in packages of 3, with 3 of the same image in a package for $9 ($3 per card) The cards are 5 x 5 inches with a 3 5/8th x 3 5/8th image inside the white border. Inside of card is blank. Envelopes are 5.5X5.5 inches. Extra postage is required in US for square envelopes.

Minimum order is $18. MasterCard and Visa accepted. Please call 314 504-4266 with order and charge card info. Order information can be emailed also, but there are no security measures with email at this time.

Email info: . Add 15% for shipping and handling. Order information can be emailed, but there are no security measures with email at this time.

For wholesale inquiries please email or mail: name of business, address, email address, contact name, phone number and state resale number. Send to:




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