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"It is a real act of courage to open your feng shui eyes and take a detailed look at what your home is saying about you. It usually leads to extraordinary insights, immediate calls to action and deeply empowering
inner and outer changes."
- Terah Catherine Collins
"Linda Wiggen Kraft is one of a select group of advanced Interior Alignment practitioners. She has the ability to establish profound and life-changing experience for her clients and students. I highly recommend her services."
-Denise Linn
"A real home is always at once a particular place and the entire world."
-Thomas Moore
"A home is a place that should rise up to meet you when you enter and leave you feeling full when you leave. "
"We shape our dwelling and afterwards our dwellings shape us."
- Winston Churchill
"Feng Shui empowers you to increase positive energy so you can live more vitally and experience greater health, proserptiy, success and happiness."
- Alexandra Stoddard
"A home is not dead but living, and like all living things, must obey the laws of nature."
- Carl Larsson


Feng Shui for the Soul

Feng Shui (which rhymes with fun and play) means wind and water in Chinese. The basic premise of Feng Shui is that Chi, the universal life force energy that permeates all creation, can be understood and worked with so that we can create gardens, homes and workplaces that nourish, support and enrich our lives. Feng Shui originated in ancient China, where it was used to determine where to build homes, farms, villages and towns. Feng Shui first spread to other parts of Asia and has now become a household word throughout most of the world. The wisdom of Feng Shui was important in ancient times and is just as important today. Life is still formed by the vital life force energy called Chi.

What is Feng Shui for the Soul ? Feng Shui for the soul is a union of the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with the deep wisdom of our soul. Linda Wiggen Kraft studied with, and was certified as a Feng Shui and Space Clearing consultant by the internationally known Feng Shui and Space Clearing teacher Denise Linn.

What are the benefits of Feng Shui for the Soul? Feng Shui for the Soul brings clarity, balance, harmony and completeness to our life, and our surroundings. It clears the clutter and opens up possibilities we never thought possible. It can be used anytime, but is especially useful when we need changes in our life, when moving, when building or designing new spaces.

Feng Shui for the Soul and the Complete Creative Process™ blends the wisdom of Feng Shui with the Complete Creative Process™ in her work as a Feng Shui for the Soul practitioner. Her business Sacred Spaces for Homes, Gardens, and Businesses has helped many people achieve their goals and dreams. Using the five steps of the Complete Creative Process™ as a framework for Feng Shui work, Linda brings a completeness to the wisdom of Feng Shui that is seldom offered by other Feng Shui practitioners.

The first step of the Complete Creative Process™ is Looking Within. The relaxing, comfortable guided meditations of this step allow us to touch the depths of our soul, and to access the wisdom we already have. This wisdom is then enlivened and applied to our surroundings. Linda combines her many years as a meditator and meditation teacher, along with Denise Linn's powerful guided meditation teachings, to bring profound experiences in this part of the Feng Shui experience.

The second step, Awakening Awareness opens up, centers and grounds the thoughts, feelings and senses in our body, mind, heart and soul. Our thoughts, feelings and senses become the reference point upon which to apply Feng Shui principles in our gardens, homes, and workplaces. We enliven our senses of movement & flow, touch & feeling, sound & song, scent & breath, taste & nourishment, and sight & illumination. We become sensitive to our surroundings so that we can maximize the flow of Chi. The principles of five elements, colors, shapes, and directions are used in relation to our inner responses and experiences. This process empowers us to us to use our own inner wisdom and experience as the guiding force in Feng Shui work.

The third step, Discovering Intentions and Purpose merges the Feng Shui Bagua with the goals and dreams of our life. First we discover the gifts and purpose of who we are through our goals and dreams. We then discover how we can make these goals and dreams come true through our intentions. Our intentions are the power that makes Feng Shui work. With this knowledge, and the Feng Shui Bagua, we create a union of our intentions with our gardens, homes and workplaces.

The Feng Shui Bagua is the most universal and important part of Feng Shui wisdom. It is a template for wholeness. It defines the areas of life that make up the completeness of life. The Feng Shui Bagua shows how our gardens, homes and workplaces reflect each area of life. Feng Shui wisdom enlivens each area to ensure a balanced, harmonious and complete life.

The bagua is used as an overlay that is superimposed on a blueprint type drawing of our land, buildings, and rooms. The information from this process is used to make changes that will nurture and support our goals and dreams.

The fourth step, Harmonious Creation involves Space Clearing and Blessing, and the choices we make to implement Feng Shui changes in our surroundings. Feng Shui works with both the physical and energetic levels of our environments. Space Clearing clears out the old unnecessary energies and brings in the brightness our intention's energy and Chi. The actual physical and energetic changes we make to our gardens, homes and workplaces are based on Feng Shui principles and the unique preferences of each person. The essence of Feng Shui transcends culture and time, so all styles, sizes and locations of gardens, homes and workplaces can be balanced, energized and harmonized with Feng Shui.

The fifth step, Continuous Growth and Community honors and supports the growth that Feng Shui and Space Clearing bring. It is a follow through of nurturing, coaching, teaching and support that maximizes the blossoming of the soul. Often this growth brings the desire to know others who have experienced similar changes, to continue learning, and to share what is learned with others.

Please contact Linda if you are interested in her work in the following areas :

• Feng Shui & Sacred Space consultations for gardens, home & workplaces

Linda can be contacted at:

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• Telephone: 314 504-4266

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