“Art is not a thing,
it is a way”
Elbert Hubbard, founder of Roycroft Studios
“ Inside you there's an artist
you don't know about...
say yes quickly”
- Rumi
"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.   Who looks outside, dreams.  Who looks inside, awakens."  
- Carl Jung
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
– Albert Einstein



Art for the Soul & Mandalas
Linda’s work is about sharing her creativity and showing others how to connect with and nurture theirs. Creativity and art are the essence and flow of life. Art, whether visual or performing, can be more than just appealing to the eye or entertaining. True art goes beyond beauty; it inspires and enhances life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Creativity isn’t only for artists. It is the birthright of everyone and resides in every cell of a person’s being. But sometimes people feel they are spectators on the shore watching the river of creativity flow by, when in reality they are part of the river. Linda shows others how to jump back into that river.

Linda's art and art classes work with the power of mandalas. Mandala means center, circle and essence. Mandalas are images created in a circle with a center point. They represent wholeness and centerness. Those who view and create mandalas find that they become more centered, relaxed, and peaceful. They are used in many cultures and spiritual traditions to help the viewer experience the infinite and healing. Mandalas are also used as a tool in discovering the self.

Like all art, mandalas are created with colors and shapes. What is different about a mandala is that in addition to colors and shapes; symbols, intentions, thoughts and feelings are part of their creation. These additional elements bring a deeper level of meaning and power to this art form.

Anyone can create mandalas, even those who mistakenly think they aren't artistic. "Morning Mandalas & Meditation" is a tool that can be used as a daily practice, or less often, of deep creativity and calm. It balances and enlivens both sides of the brain, relaxes and centers the body and connects to the wisdom of spirit.

Art - Photographs & Paintings
Linda creates art to inspire, transform and heal.  Her work is titled: Flower Mandalas - Photographs & Paintings of Flowers Imagined & Real.

These images combine the beauty of flowers and the force of the words with, “ Life’s Instructions, inspirations & reminders of things we sometimes forget to do".  Words like "breathe", "pause"," enjoy" are paired with a photo close-up of a flower’s mandala center. "Centered on Flowers" are close-up photos of a flower's mandala shape. Paintings called "Fantasy Flower Mandala" are inspired by flowers and the sacred shapes and meanings of mandala paintings.

Classes & Individual Sessions


Morning Mandalas & Meditation

A unique way of awakening creativity through classes and individual instruction. Linda developed an easily learned and unique technique of painting mandalas, guided meditation and journaling called " Morning Mandalas & Meditation".


Linda can be contacted at:

• Email: CreativityForTheSoul@gmail.com

• Telephone: 314 504- 4266  St. Louis, Missouri




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